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28th September 2018

Dinner at Bagateri Boulevard

Recently we went back to our favorite walk through Prague. But as hunger came to us, we had to bite something. After a moment of wondering about what good and especially fast we can eat, the choice was clear. Dinner at Bageteri Boulevard.  This time we were close to a branch in Národní Třída, so we visited that one.

Our dinner at Bageteri Boulevard

When we were choosing a baguette, the usual dilemma came up. As we know the local offer already very well, it is always hard for us to choose among the favorites we have already carefully chose before. After a moment of indecision, the choice of Grilled Roastbeef and Flank Steak & Comté, which come from the current Chef menu. We both ordered the baguettes in the menu, so with our favorite Patatas potatoes and the local Ice tea, which we also will not resist. Dinner at Bageteri Boulevard could start.


Even though it is a form of fast food, we must point out that you can expect a really high quality meal here. Bagels are always crunchy and raw materials fresh.

We also like a system that aims to prepare food for every customer within five minutes of ordering. On the display next to the cash machine, you can watch the time for preparing your meal. If you do not receive your order within five minutes, you will receive a point within the loyalty program. But we hope you do not have to. Wehaven’t had to to wait yet.

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