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  • Our lunch at Grosseto Marina Ristorante

15th July 2018

Our lunch at Grosseto Marina Ristorante


Grosseto Marina Ristorante is a charming restaurant belonging to the Grosseto restaurant group. This luxury restaurant is located on the Alsovo waterfront, right below the renowned UMPRUM and only a few blocks from the Rudolfinum. The perfect atmosphere of this restaurant is not only the fact that the restaurant is situated directly on the Vltava. But Marina Ristorante is a boat restaurant. Also during your visit you are right in the middle of the center, surrounded by beautiful Prague. the dominant Prague Castle, but still keeps you from the rush of the big city.

Marina specializes in Italian cuisine. This does not mean, however, that only a paste is waiting for you. You can choose from a range of pasta, pizza, salads, but also grilled specialties and, of course, lots of desserts. You can have a good glass of wine, try one of the cocktails, or enjoy a selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

The interior of the restaurant is simple and above all airy, which perfectly corresponds with the possibilities of sightseeing in historical Prague. Marina is a two-storey boat with a number of seating positions both inside and out. However, it is very renowned, so we advise you to reserve seats in advance.

Our Visit

We recently went to Marina for a romantic lunch and we definitely have to recommend it as a perfect place to connect culture to gourmet experiences. And this confirms the great reputation of the restaurant.

They are well aware that they are based in Marino on a professional and warm approach to the guests. Right near the entrance to the restaurant we were welcomed by the friendly staff that we devoted to during the visit and gradually fulfilled our wishes.

We tasted tomato soup, spaghetti carbonara and penne con broccoli freschi e pollo. Since we had a bit of a hurry, we did not have the chance to taste the dessert. So we will have to fix it in the future!


In my opinion it is a very good restaurant that enchants with a unique view, great cuisine, a wide selection and pleasant prices for a given location. The dear and professional staff is another plus. It’s just a very nice place that deserves only the best rating from all points of view.

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