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  • A beautiful view of the South Tower of St Vitus Cathedral

15th July 2018

A beautiful view of the South Tower of St Vitus Cathedral

South Tower St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral is one of the most famous monuments, which you should definitely not forget to visit in Prague. One of the towers of St. Vitus’s Great Tower – the Great South Tower, is open to the public, as a beautiful viewpoint, from which you can find many interesting views of the cathedral, the Prague Castle and Prague at all.

 South Tower of St Vitus measures 96,6 meters and you have to climb the viewpoint by 287 spiral stairs. There is no other way to get up there because the tower was built in 1396, and there were no such facilities as lifts. However, if you do not have any health complications, definitely do not miss such beauty, due to a few stairs.

 You can visit the prospect from April to October between 9 am and 5 pm and from November to March from nine to four. Entarnce would cost you 150 CZK per person. In price there is included entrance to the tower and visitation of interiors. 

Our Visit

We visited the great southern tower of St Vitus Cathedral recently for the first time, even though the Prague Castle and St Vitus visit fairly often. And we liked it very much. The view of Prague is really beautiful. But what is even more charming about this look is that you are standing right in the middle of those historical jewels that Prague Castle offers. You have the ability to see them from a height, but much more in detail than usual. You will see the entire Prague Castle with all the courtyards and St. George’s Basilica completely different. And what about the view of the cathedral. You have to see it.

It is a cultural experience for us. And now the necessary part of the tour of Prague.

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