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  • Ladronka park and Bílá Hora

Ladronka park and Bílá Hora


Ladronka Park

The Ladronka Park, which is not located right in the center of Prague, but close to the castle, offers a quiet place for a walk with children or for a picnic. Through the entire park runs a 5-kilometer long course for in-line skating, cycling or cross-country skiing. Around this path there are tennis courts, playgrounds for children and fitness machines.

In the middle of the complex there is the Ladronka Estate, which offers, besides fast food and a restaurant, a beach volleyball or football pitch.

Bílá Hora

From Ladronka you can see the suburbs of Stodůlky and Zličín, as well as Bílá Hora with the nearby Summer Palace Hvězda. At Hvězda Summer Palace and its adjacent fields, in 1620, the first significant battle of the Thirty Years’ War took place, when the Czech Estates troops were defeated by the Habsburgs. That caused the execution of the Czech nobility and the mass withdrawal of non-Catholics from the country.


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