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Brevnov Monastery

Foundation and history before rebuilding

FBrevnov Monastery is the oldest male monastery on the Czech territory. Prince Boleslav II.founded this monastery in 993. Since then, the monastery has undergo recontructions several times before the Hussites burned it down in 1420. For this reason the monks repaired and rebuilt it. The restoration took place in the middle of the sixteenth century.

Reconstruction and modern history

After the last reconstruction the monastery changed to its present form. The recontruction began in 1708 and lasted for 32 years. The main building of this reconstruction was the Baroque Basilica, which is the dominant of monastery also nowadays.

During the Communist era, the Department of the Interior had its stock there and the monks had to leave. In 1991 monks returned to the monastery and four years later Pope John Paul II. visited the monastery. Today 11 monks live in the monastery and the monastery is a frequent place for weddings and regular masses are also held here. In addition you can also take a tour and visit interiors. Just few hundred meter up the hill there is White Mountain, place where first battle of Thirty years war began.  😊


Břevnov monastery

169 00 Prague-Prague 6, Czechia
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