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Church of St Apollinaire


Church of St Apollinaire


Like many other Gothic churches, Church of St Apollinaire founded by Charles IV. built with its construction in 1362 and lasted until 1376. It was, the first phase, after which the church had been able to function temporarily but did not have a tower. Firstly mention of completion is from 1390.


During the Hussite wars the church was one of the few saved by the destructive wave of the Hussites. This happened thanks to the local rule canon who joined the Hussites. Then, several times the church changed the orders that inhabited it. In 1670 the roof was damaged by a storm, but it was repaired the following year. Prague Protestant damaged church in 1689. The last inconvenience for the church was occupation by the Prussian army in 1757, which made it a weapons workshop. Then there was a repair from 1757-1768, when the damaged plaster was repaired, two new bells were placed and the organ with the sculpture of St. Wenceslas.

Nowadays, there is hospital with same name nearby the church of St Apollinaire. There’s a nice view on Vyšehrad and it’s not too far from it as well. Close to the church there is also the botanical garden of the Charles University. So everyone can find its place of interest. 😊


Kostel sv. Apolináře

Apolinářská 439/9, 128 00 Praha-Nové Město, Czechia
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