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Explore Prague through transportation


Explore Prague Metro

It is possible to Explore Prague not just by buses, but with three metro lines and over twenty tram lines as well. It is very difficult to get to the Old Town and the surrounding area by car, so it is better to leave the car on the edge and get to the center with one of the best public transports in Europe. In the center, it is possible to walk on foot and take a few kilometers walk. But one of the many guided tours offered is also a suitable solution.

Explore Prague with tours

Whether it is a horse-drawn carriage tour that offers the atmospherist of Prague from times when cars haven’t existed yet and carriages were owned only by those who were really rich. You can feel like the Prague bourgeoisie or wealthy nobles from the days of Maria Theresa when you walk through the Old Town and the Lesser Town.

If the carriages are not for you, but you still want to drive through Old Prague in private small group. There is the possibility of a ride with historical cars from the time of the First Republic, which is a period about 100 years ago.

Also very popular is a sightseeing bus ride with stops for taking pictures. The tour is accompanied by a tourist guide’s explanation in several languages.

Explore Prague from Vltava River

Another possibility is a cruise on the Vltava River, where you can switch between monuments and bridges. Those are of various architectural styles from the Gothic Charles Bridge to the modern Dancing House on both sides of the river.

So there are many options how to explore Prague through transportation


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Prague 1, Czechia
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