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  • Not just a first May walk for two at Petrin

Not just a first May walk for two at Petrin


Romantic walk at Petrin

Beneath the Petrin lookout tower, which is one of Prague’s dominant landmarks, there is a park, which conjures up two top Prague tourist destinations- The Prague Castle and the lookout Tower. There is a lookout tower as well as a walk through the park near by. Because of its great location it is the most popular place for the romantic walk. It was like that since it was built. First May is a day of love and expression of emotions in Bohemia.

So, if you visit Prague on May 1, you can join this tradition. If you visit this place another time, you will certainly not be disappointed. There is a beautiful view of Prague, hence is worth seeing. Both in the day and especially in the evenings, when all Prague lights. So go up the hill and enjoy the atmosphere!

Petřínské sady

Petřínské sady, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia
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