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  • Hradcany Square in front of Prague Castle

Hradcany Square in front of Prague Castle


Hradčany Square

Hradcany Square is a beautiful historical area in the center of Hradčany It lies in the immediate vicinity of Prague Castle. The eastern part of the square closes the facade of the 1st courtyard of the Prague Castle with its main entrance gate.

The south side closes the Salmov Palace, a monumental classicist building from the early 19th century, which serves the National Gallery. There we can admire the permanent exhibition of 19th century art from classicism to romanticism, but there are also temporary exhibitions. Another building on the south side of the square is the Schwarzenberg Palace (Lobkowicz), a magnificent Renaissance building, as well as an exhibition of the National Gallery, where you can see the collections of Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque art in the Czech lands. In addition, the southern part of the square closes the monastery of the Order of the Bostic Carmelite and the Church of St. Benedict.

Most of the western façade occupies the Tuscan palace.

The northern side of Hradčany Square built with historical houses and palaces such as Martin’s Palace and the Archbishop’s Palace. In the northern part of the square we find the Sternberg palace, which is a magnificent example of the top Baroque, located on the very edge of the Deer Moat, next to the Archbishop’s Palace, whose left wing is even entering the Sternberg Palace. The premises of the Sternberg Palace also serve the purposes of the National Gallery.

On the Hradčany Square there are also many other monuments. For example the Virgin Mary in the middle of the square, the Virgin Mary Einsieden’s column on the castle ramp. There you also find the statue of St. Wenceslas, the statue of St. Philip Nerejsky and the statue of the first president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. There is also the first street gas lamp.


In addition to the daily visits of tourists and enthusiasts of history and culture, there are often many official welcome visits of state delegations from abroad or other events. In 2007, for example, the World Cup Run in Skiing was held there. If we talk about slightly more frequent events, there are many things to do there. All kind of markets are held in Hradčany Square, mostly in the Christmas season. Or you can visit one of the expositions in the above-mentioned National Gallery.

Hradčanské nám. 186/1

Hradčanské nám. 186/1, 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia
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