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  • National Museum on Wenceslav Square

National Museum on Wenceslav Square


 National Museum in Prague


This neo-renaissance building of National Museum, together with the statue of St Wenceslas, dominating the Wenceslas Square. When plans began, 27 architects submitted their projects. The most significant Czech sculptures (B Schnirch, A Wagner, A Popp) and painters (V Brožík, J Mařák) took care of the winning design of Josef Chulz. Also interesting are 72 names from Czech history, which are written in golden letters on the facade. The entire construction took place between 1885 and 1901.


In 1945, an unexploded bomb damaged the building in the last days of the Second World War.  Then in 1968 it was Russians, who again damaged the building. It happened on August 21, when the Army of Warsaw Agreements attacked Czechoslovakia. The Russian army sent warning shots to the museum building, not to the air. Another inconvenience for the building came in the 1970s, while building a subway under it. When the builders excavated the tunnel, they disturbed the statics of the western part of the building and had to be reinforced.


In 2011, a reconstruction of the building has started, which should last until 2018. During this reconstruction a fire broke out, so it is not clear whether the reconstruction will be ready on time.

If you are visiting this building, you will still see it shrouded in the cladding of the scaffolding. If it is not, visit this beautiful place!



Národní muzeum

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