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National Theatre

Origin and construction

National Theatre is one of the most beautiful buildings and the dominant of the Vltava embankment. Building took part between 1868-1881. Josef Zítek was architect of the Theatre. The construction was preceded by a nationwide collection. Collection should have reflected national strength, which ecnouraged a resistance to the Austrian monarchy. During that time, there were attempts for greater rights for the Czech nation. On the other hand also the Royal Family and the Czech nobility gave the grants. Under the Theater there are stones from important and mystical places of the Czech history.

Fire and Restoration

This building has also experienced its difficult moments. Soon after opening  June 11, 1881,  it burned out on August 12, 1881. Consequently a  new collection was created, which led to the recovery of the amount to be repaired. Afterwards, they opened the National Theatre two years later. The decoration of the interior is original from the years of restoration and even more it consists a real jewel.

In recent years, the building has undergone renovations including the facade. Now it is in an excellent condition. If you do not see a show directly, then at least look at this beautiful building. 😊


National Theatre

Národní 2, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město, Czechia
+420 224 901 448
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