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Prague New Town City Hall

Firstly dominant of Charles Square- New Town Hall built from 1377 consists of several buildings. The completion of the first phase of the construction took one year. In 1411 the second phase started, as a result the preservation of the Hall on the ground floor. This construction phase finished in 1418.

Hussites and Civil War

Unfortunately Hussites attacked the town hall one year later. They were armed civilians wanted councilors to release all prisoners who were in prison for their faith. After all the negotiations failed and the crowd threw the councilors out of the windows onto the hoisted spear. Crowd instanstly those, who survived. This was the first of the events leading to the Hussite wars.

After this civil war, a town hall tower reconstruction took place between 1452-1456, which also contains a small chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saint Wenceslas. The tower undergo rebuilding in the years 1722-1725  again, at the same time constructors added gallery and roof. Secondly the Renaissance changes of the building dates back to year 1559.

New Town Hall Today

Nowadays exhibitions and wedding ceremonies are held there. If you are nearby, you should visit the New Town Hall Tower with an amazing view of the old town as well as hundreds little towers. This tower is not as popular as others but it lays in center of Prague as well. Hope you will enjoy it especially from the top.

New Town Hall

Karlovo nám. 1/23, 120 00 Praha-Nové Město, Czechia
+420 224 948 229
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