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Markets in Prague


Traditional markets shopping

If you are a fan of various farmers’ markets and organic food and you prefer this way of shopping, rather than spending time in shopping centres, you will definitely not suffer in Prague. Náplavka, Jiřího z Poděbrad Square or Kubánské Square, will definitely not disappoint you. Those aren’t the only places where the Prague markets can be visited, but the best are Christmas markets.


We have to emphasise one market period. Of course, the markets at Christmas time. Who does not love the Christmas season and the pleasant moments with family and friends? What about getting a little bit different and going through Prague while visiting several Christmas markets?

Christmas markets are in every square in the center of Prague. Firstly there are the markets at Náměstí Míru near the beautiful Gothic church of St. Ludmily. There are markets in Old Town Square with a great Christmas tree with plenty of good sundries and Christmas trees. Which is an inherent part of the walks in Prague during Christmas. Or the markets in the Fruit market, Wenceslas Square, Náměstí Republiky, at Prague Castle, so on every corner.

On the Christmas markets, besides all sorts of delicious snacks and beverages, there are also stalls and shops with craft products, especially Christmas themes, but you can also find handmade jewelery or knitted scarves and caps. Kids will be enthusiastic about Christmas trees and little cribs with baby Jesus surrounded by domestic animals and you will surely appreciate the ubiquitous atmosphere of Christmas.

Old Town Square

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