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The Powder Gate


The Powder Gate

On the site of today’s the Powder Gate, the former common gate of the city fortification stood. This later began to suffer due to the neighbouring building which was the King’s Court (the royal residence at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries), and so the construction of the current Powder Gate started in 1475. In 1483, however, interest in its completion fell. So it remained unresolved. It began to dilapidate and  totally unused.

Conversion to warehouse and renovation

In the middle of the 18th century, it became a warehouse of gunpowder – since then the Powder Tower. In 1799 it was damaged by the Prussian army and therefore lost much of the original decoration.

The renovation came in 1878-1886 under control of Josef Mocker. In this time, the gate was changed to the present form, which includes the restored decoration, the statues of the Czech kings (Charles IV, Přemysl Otakar II and Jiří z Poděbrad) and the features of the regions that were part of the Kingdom of Bohemia.


Today, the tower is 65 meters high and the sightseeing gallery is located at a height of 44 meters. which is now accessible to the public. It is possible to go to the upper gallery, from which there is a nice view of the Republic Square.


The Powder Tower

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