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Prague Castle Complex


Prague Castle

One of the prides of the Prague city is definitely Prague Castle, certainly evidenced by the breathtaking view itself.  Prague Castle is definitely on top things to visit in Prague. This largest castle complex in the world covers an area of almost 70,000 square meters. It also listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. The castle forms an extensive collection of palaces and church buildings, boasts a host of architectural styles, from Romanesque buildings to Gothic reconstructions and first-republic adaptations by architect Josip Plečnik to the latest interventions at the end of the 20th century. The Prague Castle buildings certainly represent virtually all the architectural styles of the 2nd millennium.


The western part of the Castle is originally an imperial palace building arranged around three courtyards. However historically the most important buildings such as St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace and the Basilica of St. Jiří and the former monastery are located in the central part, in the eastern part there are two originally noble palaces, formerly residential houses and preserved parts of the medieval fortifications, including towers.

While the south side of the castle is lined with gardens, the Prague Castle includes also spaces outside the Ostrožna, above the Deer Moat parallel the Royal Garden with the Renaissance Belvedere, Queen Anne’s Summer House and the Renaissance Ballroom.  Furthermore to the west is Lumbe’s garden with an adjacent riding school.


If you love sightseeing, art and culture, a place you should not omit in Prague is certainly the Prague Castle which is the heart of various cultural events.  Above all you can find permanent expositions, for example, you can go through the famous Golden Lane, explore the Rosenberg Palace. So discover the mystery of the Holy Trinity treasure or enjoy the paintings of the Prague Castle Picture Gallery. Also you can find out about the stories of the Prague or visit the Mihulka Tower. At the Prague Castle Riding School you can visit the current exhibition, which will be held at the time of your visit.

Even if you want to see the castle without any expositions, you definitely take a look at the castle itself, the Monumental St. Vitus Cathedral, the Matyáš Gate, or simply the view from the walls to Prague with more than hundred towers spread all over will  take your breath away.

Prague Castle

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