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Prague Central Station


Train Central Station in Prague

The Prague Central Station, in its present form, began to be built in 1901.  The construction lasted for 8 years. Nowadays, this Art Nouveau building is undergoing a reconstruction. After finishing it will finally become one of the Prague’s architectonic dominants. Together with the National Museum it will create a great pair of architecture. There is also a subway station right in the entrance hall of the Central Station. Therefore there is great connection to get everywhere.

Interior of Prague Central Station

There is a café in the lobby, which is absolutely breathtaking after a reconstruction.  You can not only enjoy your cup of coffee but  there are also sculptures from S. Sucharda and L. Šaloun, along with town shields and beautiful Art Nouveau decorations.

And if you are lovers of historic buildings as much as we are, then you should not miss this entrance hall!



Prague Main Railway Station

Wilsonova 300/8, 120 00 Vinohrady-Praha 2, Czechia
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