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Prague Naplavka is between the railway bridge and Palacky bridge. The banks of Vltava river follow embankment. This place is amazing by its location right by the water and like Emauzy Monastery all around. So it fits well with summer romantic strolls or a nice sitting with friends and a good glass in hand.

What to do in Prague Naplavka

While on the right bank of the Vltava you can take part in various cultural events taking place here, you can watch street artists or feed swans. The left bank offers weekly gourmet experiences, which should certainly not be missed by any food lover. One week you can enjoy steaks, other Asian specialties or traditional Czech soups, so everyone will find its taste.

From one side of the shore you can easily get to the other, then you can take a walk on the bridge or have a boat ride. Naplavka offers great opportunities especially for youngsters, where they can chill and relax. Hope you will enjoy it.


Náplavka, Nové Město, Praha, Czechia
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