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Best things to do, see and visit in Prague

Are you planning to visit Prague, a beautiful historic city in the middle of Europe, and do not want to miss anything and would you like to know what to do in Prague? We are here to bring you an overview of the best places in Prague, top things to do in Prague, which you really should not omit during your visit. Briefly listing the best things  to see in Prague.We would like to give you tips for Prague tourist attractions, there are a lot of them. Schedule your time according to the current weather forecast and visit the famous temples and various historical monuments, exhibitions and beautiful gardens. Walk through the Old Town and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this historic city.

The top Ten Things to Do in Prague: 

• Prague Castle, St. Vitus – the famous seat of the Czech sovereigns and the current president of the Czech Republic. It is the largest castle complex in the world, dominated by the Cathedral of St. Welcome. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

• Charles Bridge – the oldest bridge in Prague. Its foundations were laid in 1357 by the prominent Czech monarch Charles IV. During the 18th century, 32 sculptures were added to the bridge. Now the bridge is only for pedestrians. Charles Bridge is rightly one of the top Prague tourist attractions.

• Old Town Square – The Old Town Square and Old Town Hall. The whole square is composed of many historical buildings and monuments. Tyn Church, Kinsky Palace, St. Nicholas, the former church of St. Michal, the monument of Master Jan Hus and, of course, also the Old Town Astronomical Clock. Old Town Astronomical Clock – one of the most famous astronomical clocks in the world. It is located in the city center, directly on the Old Town Square. Above the clock face there are two windows where the Apostles appear every hour. It is one of the best preserved medieval astronomical clocks in the world and definitely one of places to visit in Prague.

 • The National Hero of Heydrichiada Heroes – located in the crypt of the temple of St. Cyril and Methodius in Resslova Street. Here are busts of paratroopers who laid their life here, the whole exposition includes a number of unique period objects and audiovisual works. Eventhough this place is not so popular it is definitely one of top things to do in Prague.

• Vrtbov Garden – a beautiful Baroque garden on the Lesser Town. The garden is dominated by Vrtbov Palace. You can sit on the bench and enjoy the view on everything what to see in Prague in front of you. Currently galleries and exhibitions are held here.

 • The National Gallery in Prague – the largest collection of fine arts in Prague in the Veletržní Palace. Here you can see permanent expositions and short-term thematic exhibitions.

 • The Monastery of St. Agnieszky Czech – a magnificent medieval monastery, where very interesting exhibitions of mostly medieval art are held.

• Wallenstein Palace – a palace complex from the Early Baroque period. Part of the entire complex is the Wallenstein Garden and the Wallenstein Riding School. The palace is the seat of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. At the weekends, the palace is open to the public. In the summer months, many concerts, theater performances and other cultural events are held in the garden.

• Franciscan Garden – a pleasant garden in the middle of the city, where you can relax during your walks through Prague. Right next to Wenceslas Square next to the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Snow and the Franciscan Monastery.

Above there are at least ten sights and places in Prague that should be seen and visited, but there are much more things to do in Prague. You can admire the beauty of the St. Mikuláš, Petřín lookout tower with adjacent park, Jewish town with several synagogues and Jewish cemetery, Baroque memorial of Loretto, Vyšehrad with the Romanesque church of St. Peter and Paul and with the rotunda of St. Martina, the National Theater, the Troja Chateau with a beautiful garden with a maze, Vítkov with a national monument, the Strahov Monastery, the Sovovy Mills on Kampa, the famous Zoological Garden in Prague and many more Prague points of interest.

To enjoy beautiful walks in Prague and have time for the best things to see in Prague, count on visiting Prague for at least three days. You have everything close and there is a perfect transportation, but in every corner, on each square, in every street you will find a lot of places to see in Prague including historical monuments, which are connected by various legends. Believe that the Old Town is beautiful early in the morning and late in the evening, in spring, summer, autumn and winter, when the city is covered with snow . So before you get into the belief of this small city, it’s a good idea to set priorities and have a list of the best things to do in Prague that you should enjoy and it shouldn’t be just overcrowded Prague attractions from front page of tourist magazines


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