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Location and history

This Early Baroque Troja Chateau jewel is located on the right bank of the river Vltava, near the Prague ZOO in Troja. There are several farm buildings, including stables, in the chateau complex. In the past the chateau there was connection with the vineyard, which still stands above it. Nowadays vineyard and chapel of St. Claire belongs to the nearby Botanical Garden. The chateau is surrounded by a large garden with a small maze and lots of trees, decorated with Baroque fountains, terracotta vases or an orangery with emperor busts. The dominant feature of the building is a large hall, from which a corridor with a number of adjoining salons is going into both sides. The construction on both sides vertically and horizontally ends two-storey tower belvedere.

Firstly the Troja Chateau was exhibited by Václav Vojtěch from Štemberk, between 1679-1685, as his summer residence. The author and architect of the project was Jean Baptiste Mathey. Between 1977-1989 reconstruction took place.

Present and possibilities of Troja Chateau

Today the Troja Chateau belongs to the Capital City consequently the Prague City Gallery organises seasonal exhibitions every year from April to October. Traditionally, there are vintages every year.

However you are just passing through the Stromovka park, you admire the butterflies in the botanical garden or look out for the gorillas in the zoo and you will be tempted by the culture. Therefore do not hesitate to visit this nearby charming chateau.

Troja Castle

U Trojského zámku 4/1, 171 00 Praha-Troja, Czechia
+420 283 851 614
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